Thursday, 7 August 2014

Emerald View is quaint Bed and Breakfast located just 20 minutes from the Montego Bay airport. We are located on a hill and have awesome views of the beautiful blue green of the Caribbean Sea. It is nature lover's paradise.Typically ideal for those adventurous enough to step  off the trodden path.

When is the best time to visit Jamaica?
This is one of the of the most frequently asked question from my guests.  The answer very simple. ANYTIME is the best time to visit Jamaica....


We are located in the tropics which means we are blessed to have  summer all year round . That is correct. YEAR ROUND EVEN IN THE DEAD OF YOUR WINTER. In the month of December and
January my guests  keep asking me when does it get cold or snow here. The answer is never.

Countries that are about 23.5 degrees of the equator  both north and south never experience temperature less than 72 degrees Fahrenheit. Thus we never see snow, plants never freeze and
best of all Jamaicans on a whole do not own a winter coat. I know Jamaica is represented in the Winter Olympics which I think is simply impressive for a nation that actually believes  that 69 degrees
is freezing weather and we really do shiver with cold! Just one of the many unique things about our people.

Additionally, in summer our temperature does not raise above 93 degrees Fahrenheit or 34 Celsius which has again to do with our location to the Equator. I must, however, interject very importantly for those coming from warm climates to please absolutely wear sun screen. I often hear my guest say; I am from Texas, or, it is hot where I am from now I can handle the sun.. No you cannot!  Why? In Jamaica, for the hundredth time, you are closer to the  Equator and therefore the heat from the sun is more intense than non-tropical countries. So please use sun screen and plenty of it even if it is cloudy outside.

 Furthermore, it you stayed at a location like Emerald View where we are located on a hill  across from the sea, you will have the advantage of being constantly kept cool by those Trade Winds coming directly from off the ocean. This breeze is extremely cool and relaxing especially at night and can be considered nature's natural sleeping pills.

What about the rainy season?
It hardly rains all day in Jamaica usually a shower in the morning or afternoon. Another important
note is that it does not get cold after a shower. It may cool down a few degrees but it never becomes cold. A common Jamaican practice is children playing  in the warm rain water.

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